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Future of FinTech (Payments) in India. It’s Interesting and will grow..

How is digital payments in India shaping up as? Digital payments in India has become crowded with lots of me-too products and companies. Thanks to IndiaStack and other payment platforms which offers a plug and play model through API so now everybody aspires to become PayTms and PhonePes of the industry. Payment is the lowest hanging fruit for the companies to… Continue reading Future of FinTech (Payments) in India. It’s Interesting and will grow..

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IndiaStack and FinTech Revolution..

#IndiaStack and #FinTech revolution. I will try to Analyse how IndiaStack will/is changing the way we #Transact. Allow me to pick up the #PresenceLess layer for Today's analysis. Aadhar has made it possible to verify a Person for Financial & Non-Financial services remotely which has resulted in Cost & Time saving, reduced TAT for service… Continue reading IndiaStack and FinTech Revolution..

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InsureTech & FinTech can Go Hand in Hand

"InsureTech & FinTech" can have a smooth ride on IoT and AI. Linking all these things with "India Stack" elements can expedite and give Insurance sector a much needed push. Will premiums also go down after Insurance Industry gets more efficiency in Acquisition, Retention, Servicing, and Disbursement ? I think, much needed Verification of cases… Continue reading InsureTech & FinTech can Go Hand in Hand

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Why Aadhar enabled Payment System (AePS) will work in India : (A Layman’s Guide to Aadhar enabled Payment System (AePS)

" I would take the liberty to start my thoughts with #AePS is the #DebitCardofRuralIndia & of Less Literate people".