About Piyush Singh

Piyush Singh is an Execution driven and Impact oriented practitioner with hands-on experience in FinTech, Financial Inclusion, Digital Payments and Design Thinking.
Piyush Singh FinTechMy Work and Passion is to understand and work on financial technologies and simplify it for the layman and the potential customers for seamless integration and quick adoption. Hence I can “Think, Design and Execute” like a Technologist, Layman, Customer and a Financial Inclusion professional at the same time.

I have worked in Corporate Sales, Strategy, Consultancy, Product Management, Project and Program Management, Training and Leading Business units in FinTech and Financial Inclusion Domain.

Piyush is an eminent Industry Speaker, Corporate Trainer and Visiting Faculty with many reputed B-Schools and professional forums. He actively supports and mentors many FinTech companies and is in the advisory board of few. Piyush is a certified Digital Banking and Design Thinking Practitioner, 

www.FinTechPaymentBanking is an online platform by Piyush Singh to Share Knowledge and Expertise in the following Domains;

FinTech, Payments, Banking, Micro finance, Digital Lending, BlockChain, RBI Policies, P2P Lending, Digital Payments, Wallets, Pre-Paid Cards, Payment Processing, Banking Technology, Remittance, Financial Inclusion, Financial Services, Design Thinking.

If you are looking to book an appointment with Piyush Singh to invite him as a Speaker, Guest Faculty or for a full-fledged course on the above topics

Please contact at :  contactpiyushsingh@gmail.com