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Category: FinTech

High-Tech ChatBot baby, bank.

I won’t take the name, but a private bank has developed a #ChatBot with a nice name. So whenever you call their call centre, after a few IVR options the […]

Payment is a reflection of your Personality

“”#Payment is a reflection of your Personality. What you Pay for and Where you pay, through #Currency, #Time and #Data, defines who you are, your Beliefs, Motivation, Fears, and Reality […]

Rationing on #UPI Transactions, and market share at 33%.. Protectionism at what cost Efficiency, Competition or Capital? I feel we should have better monitoring and regulations than restrictions. #DigitalTransactions have […]

Do not offer standard UI to Expert and Novice.

We are moving towards industry 4.0, but for #DigitalFinancialServices we are still producing mass market and off the shelf products with very less customisation and personalisation. Can we customise UI […]