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Re-Define Collateral in Digital Lending and Economy. Youngsters are Digitally Rich than Asset Rich.

Do we need to re-define, “Collateral” in #DigitalLending? Is collateral only about something physical?

– Isn’t storing contact details from a borrower’s mobile phone collateral?

– Isn’t asking for social media information and taking virtual access to mobile phone collateral?

My question is, can someone’s #YouTube, #LinkedIn, #Facebook content and connection quality be used as collateral for a loan?

Ok, Let me explain.

Can I take a loan by pledging my #YouTube earnings from my videos and content as collateral? And the lender can then own my earnings till the time I completely repay the loan.

We have seen such things happening through #Blockchain.

Why insist only on physical collateral? Not everyone has physical collateral, many have social collateral which is worth more than the physical ones.

The way physical assets get evaluated, we need trusted companies which can evaluate #SocialCollaterals too. It needs different thinking and new tools.

Next generation will Thank us for doing that..

It’s the time when not only tools but even definitions should be redefined.

What else should we pick up from the #Legacy system and Re-Define?

Share your thoughts. Let’s have a discussion.. here –

#Legacy #Blockchain #DecentralisedFinance, #DeFi #lending #socialmedia #fintech

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