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Relationship between Digital Lending, Smart Phone Battery, and Electricity.

What is the relationship between Digital #Lending, SmartPhone Battery, and Electricity?

If we observe in rural areas, people save/used to save on the battery life, because they have to go to the nearby village or to any shop to get their mobile battery charged, now with the increasing availability of electricity they do not have to save on the battery life and they can use their phones more.

Now couple this with reducing the cost of Smart Phone and Internet. People will consume more data and hence will produce more data, which can be further used by lending/digital company to underwrite/sell (with consent).

Which means, the majority will “become data-rich before becoming money rich”- Mr. Nandan Nilekani. Potential of this is, using a good algorithm even thin-file customers have a hope to get a small value loan from digital lenders.

If these people will start using their smartphones regularly they will have a better knowledge of the product, services and options.

My belief is, intelligence is directly proportional to the exposure.

So increased battery life (mAh)/electricity can fuel the growth of Digital Services (entertainment, lending, content etc) extend this logic to your industry.

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