Panel Discussion cum Masterclass on “Importance of data in underwriting a Micro Finance loan”

Interesting Panel Discussion cum Masterclass, moderated by me with industry experts on “Importance of data in underwriting a Micro Finance loan”. YouTube Link attached.
Thanks to the Panel for sharing their candid and interesting thoughts

We discussed on below points;
1. Basic data points required to underwrite a loan, which you cannot afford to miss (assessing ability and intent to repay)
2. Using alternate data to underwrite
3. How can/do we underwrite a loan for Non-Digital customers
4. Do we think the process of underwriting a loan will go through a drastic change in the next 3-5 years, what type of technologies do you think will be used?
5. Data Privacy, Consent, Informed Consent and how does it apply to MFI borrowers. Any thoughts on Data Protection Policy
6. ABCDEFG of Loan

Linkedin link for thoughts and comments-
#FinTech, #DigitalLending, #DataPrivacy, #GDPR

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