Arogya Setu App and Distance/Contactless Digital Payment.

With ArogyaSetu App being pushed and adopted widely in India. I am expecting contactless DigitalPayments like UPI and BharatQR code-based payment if not NFC, to be part of the app along with educational videos.

National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) and Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology can look into it, as it has become a good platform..

Arogya Setu App and Digital Payments Piyush Singh FinTech


– Utility and adoption of App will increase since it becomes part of daily transaction, hence people will keep it even after COVID19. Retention.

– This App seems to be a long term project and not only limited to COVID19, so we will be able to promote Distance/#ContactlessPayments along with Social Distancing.

– Merchants will also use it along with other benefits so cross education

– We already have BHIM app, but if that can be extended in this application, people will appreciate Contactless payment along with Social distancing. The context in Payment.

– Many other benefits.. please add more…

Embedded payments will go a long way than isolated and standalone payments. Digital Payments adoption will increase only if we can create more Integrated use cases around it.

What do you think? Is it possible and a good idea?

If possible, kindly Tag relevant people/organization.

The detailed discussion here on LinkedIn –

#Payments, #COVID19, #ArogyaSetu, #ContactlessPayments.

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