High-Tech ChatBot baby, bank.

I won’t take the name, but a private bank has developed a #ChatBot with a nice name. So whenever you call their call centre, after a few IVR options the ChatBot directs your call to the right department which ultimately is not the “concerned” department with whom you want to talk

I have the first hand experience, because someone fraudulently opened my online account without my information hence I called up the call centre to report fraud

To my surprise I was told to use specific #KeyWords only while interacting with their #ChatBot baby, because that’s what it understands. And one call centre executive can not transfer the call to another department, you need to Teach/Learn from the ChatBot baby again and convince her to get your call transferred to the right department.

images (1)

My question is, should we learn how to talk to #ChatBots, or next time we will get a list of keywords of each bank whenever we open a bank account.

It reminds me of one of my previous posts on who will adjust, should we adjust with machine or machine will adjust or we keep fighting?

What is your take on #ChatBotisation of customer service?
If dealing with ChatBot is so complex, I am ok dealing with few rude call center executives, and call disconnects.

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