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Bad UI UX, close the bank account, credit card and Switch.

I have decided to close my bank Account/#CreditCard/Uninstall an App which will have/has a messy user interface, illogical and lengthy login and reset password process etc.

To my surprise, many big banks fall in this category even those who actually advocate DigitalBanking and FinTech at big forums. In the last few years, I have closed a few credit cards and bank accounts with some domestic and international banks because of the illogical and pathetic setup and mobile and desktop system.

They may be good at customer service and business volume, profitability etc but if their basic systems are not logical and user-friendly, then it makes no sense.

Will UserInterface and Experience decide Customer Loyalty? Or Celebrity endorsements and Marketing?

Piyush-singh-fintech-design-thinking-delhi-india-speaker-visiting-faculty 2

DigitalBanking is an alternate channel for bank & I believe that a bank’s Mobile/Web interface and features should be so rich (not cluttered) that I should only visit the branch in rare cases/regulatory requirements like KYC/Re-KYC etc. Since it’s not happening hence banks need to open up the system, trust their security system, use the Design Thinking approach to solve.

I don’t know through this post if I represent a small set of customers or majority thinks so. Please share your views for either side of the argument.



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