Revolut in India, will it disrupt or join the Cashback war?

#Revolut is planning to explore the Indian market next year and has already started hiring for a few roles.

Will it change the game, or their branchless magic won’t work in India like Safaricom, which could not replicate its Africa success.

Should we wait for more #Cashbacks or better #CustomerExperience?

My feeling is, initially they will work along with any Indian bank and will better the experience at customer touchpoints. And if things go well in the long run, they may consider applying for a license..

Revolut_Piyush Singh Fintech digital finance design thinking professional faculty practitioner delhi india

As the regulator what #RBI should be working on, as it will get more such license applications?

Would customers’ trust them, as we like physical infrastructures, or we just a Handful of #FinTech and #Finance professionals are excited about it?

Maybe the market and customers will evolve in the long run but can we say we are ready just because #UPI and #DigitalTransactions have increased recently?

Please share your thoughts and experience. here

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