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TikTok, Youtube and Lending. Is there a synergy?

Un-related business growth. #TikTok / #YouTube and #Lending. Will a user who is now addicted to make Tiktok/YouTube videos, take a loan for set up/mobile device/any other equipment required to make a good video? Are these two businesses and interests linked in some way?
What if s/he does not have a good/credit score? How would you assess the credit worthiness?

I was thinking and realized that there are potential of multiple unrelated business growth and synergy.

I am sure that App based Taxis (#Uber, Ola etc) have done more #FinancialInclusion and #Literacy than many focussed to theme organizations. Many small town men who never had bank account/credit card got one because these organizations pay directly to their bank account, and they manage their cash flows through credit card.

What could be other unrelated business growth potential that you can think of or are working on?

Please share your thoughts…

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