Do not offer standard UI to Expert and Novice.

We are moving towards industry 4.0, but for DigitalFinancialServices we are still producing mass market and off the shelf products with very less customisation and personalisation.

Can we customise UI of a Financial institution application for different personas (customer segment)? Few questions can be asked during sign up about his/her experience of using digital Financial services and accordingly UI will change on the go.

An expert will be able to see a different interface while a novice will have a simpler clutter free basic features and gradually handhold him/her to the expert level. I believe the beauty of technology Advancement must be in Personalisation and Customisation. However, even with enormous data most of the products and its features are very standard.

Piyush Singh Fintech Financial Inclusion Delhi India

Why offer the same interface to all users? The maximum number of personas for any financial institution would be, say 5-8, not more than that. If it is more, then the institution either doesn’t know its customers or have done some wrong calculations to come up with the personas.

Are you scaring your first-time users with your standard UI and UX? Build for customisation and personalisation. What do you think…..?

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