Video, Vernacular and Voice (3Vs) next big things to focus on

Video, Vernacular and Voice (3Vs) are next big three things to focus on. It will add new customer segment to the pie and fuel demand for services. What does it mean? – While

Video will be used for KYC, Authentication, digital content consumption, learning, entertainment, banking, e-commerce, Interactive Video etc

Vernacular based applications and systems will add more people to the mainstream, hence increasing the market size and fueling the demand for technology based services. AI and its components ML and DL, NLP can help

Voice will be used for commands, transaction authentication, KYC along with Video, translation, advisory services for wealth to crop management services.

Piyush Singh Delhi FinTech and Design Thinking Expert

What use cases it has for FinTech domain? I can think of Identity, Authentication, Personal Finance, Banking, Advisory and Insurance, Please add more..

Important : If these capabilities can be developed as a platform or “xx-As-Service” its adoption will be phenomenal. Many organisations like Google, Microsoft, IBM are working on it and I believe it is offered as open source for better adoption and crowd sourcing of ideas.

What are you doing with these 3Vs? What do you think can be the next big thing on these form factors?

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