Half baked Digital Transformation

Any organisation can not reap the benefit of #Digitalisation unless they have created an ecosystem to accept and incorporate it in the DNA of the organisation.

Just adding one or two digital process doesn’t mean digitalisation, it will increase the inefficiency in the system, than efficiency.

Piyush Singh Digital Transformation Expert Delhi India

If Staffs are not trained, Systems are not designed, from the doorman to CEO and board is not taken in confidence and have the assurance to go digital, you will end up wasting money.

At one point of time it may give the satisfaction that something in the organisation has gone digital, but if that output has a dependency on any other activity or is an input for other activity then it will clog the system, and in turn, you will end up spending more money.

To get complete benefit of #Digital choose #DigitalTransformation process, it may be time-consuming, may need staff restructuring but will benefit in the long run and will give you an edge over others.

Do NOT fall in the trap of just digitalising one part and be happy about it, it will not last long.

I have seen many small and established organisations making these mistakes. I suggest to them either go digital or follow the legacy. Do Not Mix.

What do you think about #DigitalTransformation and fallouts of its wrong implementation?

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