FinTech, Gamification in Banking

Gamification in Banking and Financial Services.

Has anyone ever tried Gamification in Banking and FinTech?

When I interact with customers I find that they use their smartphones to play games more often than many of us, mostly their children. If we are creative enough to make great movies, prime videos and adventure games, is it so tough to design a BankingGame?

bank game _piyush singh fintech design thinking

For example, similar to AngryBirds game can we create a HappyFamily game where instead of throwing birds to destroy the pillars, we take out coins and notes from our pockets and throw it in the animated Bank, where it’s safer. This after few steps shows how much the player has earned and what they can do with it. Its a simple plot introduction, I am sure we can stretch it to any length and add various Financial services and twists etc. It will be exciting as well as help people to understand finance and how to manage it.

Embed such gamification in mobile banking app and let customers have fun while saving, investing and paying. It will help to simplify banking concepts.

“Banking can be Fun, but definitely can’t be Funny”.

Why does FinancialLiteracy has to be in the classroom/sessions only? What do you think? Please share your views. DesignThinking, design inclusion finance TheFinTechReporter

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