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Banking Points at Indian Railways Platforms. Can we think out of the box please.

Can we set up #Banking/BC points at Indian Railway Stations? I have always wondered why railway stations are / has not been chosen to set up #banking points and government service counters. Few benefits it offers;
1. Security
2. High footfall
3. Multiple cross sell opportunities
4. Daily/weekly wage earners who travel from their native village through trains can deposit cash on the way back
5. Due to round the clock footfall, ROI can be better
6. Bill payments can be done easily, with #BBPS its simplified
7. Please suggest more..

In fact other #government services can be provided at this place, people waiting for train have more attention span and enough time to learn and read more

I have seen people picking up random, even unattended papers and reading everything out of that. 😀

What do you think? Can we use this platform to sell or talk about banking and government services and also for #FinancialLiteracy campaigns..

If you have ever tried setting up banking channels at railway platforms, please share your experience, and if not done then share what could go wrong or how can we do it.

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