What I did in 2018?

What I did in 2018 for #FinTech, #FinancialInclusion & #DesignThinking

1. Work- Designed Digital solutions to ensure FinTech does not remain till tier 1/2 cities only, but go beyond + Numerous Customer Interactions

2. #Training -Delivered training to companies working or interested to explore these domain and to #MBA students interested to learn about these fields

3. #Linkedin Posts – Once or Twice per week, only on FinTech and Financial Inclusion theme. Contributed on others’ post related to these topics

4. #Hackathons – As Jury in College and Corporate Hackathons to help host organisations to select the right project to invest their resources

5. #Mentoring- Mentored many organisations (didn’t keep the count) of India and other Countries on #FinTech and how to enter/operate in the lucrative market of India, also on #ConsumerBehaviour of the segment

6. Panel discussions- As a #panelist with Corporate and Colleges on these topics. I tried to be as candid and forthcoming, than saying nothing through thousand words of jargon

7. Learnt new things, met interesting people

These wouldn’t have been possible without your support 🙏🙏

I think, I can do much more in 2019 so I am happy to contribute. FEEL free to reach out for above activities or for any other creative initiative.

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