“Even branch staff are illiterate about Digital Payments”

A banking regulator has said, “Even bank branch staffs are illiterate about #DigitalPayments”.
And, we have been focusing on delivering Digital Payments training to customers. We must focus more on branch staff for Digital payment training, because they are considered to be the influencer and the first line of customer contact. Also the distribution channel of bank.

Its sad to hear the statement, but if we try to understand the reason behind it, we would be sympathetic to these staffs.

In India and probably in many countries customers who never had laptops, moved directly to #SmartPhones and #4G, while branch staffs stayed on the desktop system.
Customers expectations are that everything should be on mobile, as that’s the only electronic device they have.

There is a huge mismatch between what is being demanded and supplied.

How can we fix this gap and make these staffs more digital savvy?

Are banks hesitant to promote digital banking, considering the increase in number of online hacks?

For rural locations, do they assume that because customers are less literate, hence there could be high chances of frauds and so the complaints related to digital banking.
Extra #Work, #Risk and #Pain??

What do you think?

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