Digital Signature Certificate to Open bank accounts, Loans etc

DigitalSignature and ESign after Aadhaar.

Why can’t Financial Service Providers (FSP) use Digital signature system (DSS) issued by eMudhra, nCode etc, to allow a customer to digitally sign account opening form, loan, insurance document etc? It will help to avoid wet signature process and increasing instances of forged signature.

Digital Signature_Piyush Singh FinTech

I will Install the DSS application in my mobile phone/Laptop along with other non-hackable secured elements. Every time I want to sign a document I enter my PIN / form factor as biometrics and digitally sign With the convenience of Digital signature and increasing cases of forged signature.

I will pay upto Rs. 500 – 1000 for 2 years. It will make life simpler for everyone. This cost can be recovered from Cashbacks offered to promote the use.

When MCA can trust Dongle based signature for corporate return filing then why can’t FSPs or RBI?

Either we crib about Aadhaar services being stopped or find a solution for it. I always choose the second.

“I don’t want your Dongle”, why can’t My Mobile device become a DSC Dongle, along with a PIN?

We need a UPImoment in Digital Signature”

What do you think? TheFinTechReporter,


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