Why card transaction uptake is low in India?

Why transaction at #Card swipe #PoS machines didn’t pick up quite well in spite of being present at most of the places and the Debit card being available to many?
1. In #India and in other similar countries, the card transactions happen through assisted mode, where merchant takes your card and enters all the details and you just enter the PIN. While in countries with a higher number of card transactions offer the machine to customers where they transact on their own/ self-operated

2. Transacting on their own gives the confidence and learn while doing. Once a customer learns they teach their family members and friends to do the same. This increases the number of #MasterTrainers available for card-based transaction

3. In India, we have self-operated PoS, but at places where mostly literate and tech-savvy people go, who already know how to transact on POS. But this must go a level down for mass adoption

4. Can #BigBazaar #RelianceFresh and similar outlets offer the PoS machines to the customers to transact on their own? Definitely, check-out will take more time to start with, but maybe as part of #CSR? Train people to adopt digital

5. Even in TV advertisement by card companies they show assisted mode of transaction. #MasterCard in India, Dhoni Advertisement

What do you think?

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