Aadhaar Vs. Google in India

#Aadhaar Vs. #Google in India. Why we never object to Google having our information but woke up against Aadhaar. My personal thoughts..

1. Google went ahead slowly and asked for all the information even personal, by presenting benefits at every step
2. They have monopoly and is a private company
3. Information got shared with third parties and we didn’t say anything as we never realised the importance of #BehaviouralBiometrics over physical biometrics
4. For #Aadhaar we realised that India will become a surveillance state, but ignored a private company’s potential to do the same

Piyush Singh FinTech Aadhaar Vs Google5. Aadhaar had #direct consent mechanism, #Google has many direct or indirect consent may be confused consent
6. To much extent google dictates on unrelated products
7. If Google/FB data gets leaked its just a news item but if Aadhaar then discussion
8. Heard many countries have Aadhaar type system and it works well. Some expert please compare..
9. Probably we never realised about Google because its consent and presence is not too obvious
10. For Product development in healthcare they are using patient’s data. Allowed??

P. S. – I completely agree and respect honorable SC on all the restrictions being put, and we all must adhere to it.

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