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Why women don’t use Banking and Digital transaction tool/channel a lot

#FinTech for #Women & #Inclusion. Why does a #Woman in a rural area or from a poor background doesn’t use Banking and digital tools, what are the barriers?

1. Social taboo, A women should not travel too far from her house/should not come out from her house too often

2. Most of the bank agents are male, so interacting more with males are not considered good

3. Males are decision makers of the house so they should take financial decisions

4. Household works, so its tough to manage time

5. Trust deficit due to chit fund scams

6. Thought that digital and mobile etc are for smart people & men are smarter so let them handle it

7. Banking access points are too far

8. They earn as daily wage earners in cash, depositing cash to a bank has cost and the lifestyle is consumption driven so, no benefit of banking

9. Earning/Saving is not much

10..Please add more..

Piyush Singh_Trainer_Digital Finance_FinTech_Design Thinking_Delhi

How can we include these women in regular banking habit & Digital transaction mode? Are all financial institutions and channels working for it?

More than physical limitations how are we dealing with #SocialLimitations & restrictive thought process?

How can we influence their behaviour by being one of them through their own #SocialGroup? #GenderAndDevelopment #FinTech4Women #ICT4D,

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