Design Thinking, Design Thinking Process, FinTech

Conducted 2 days of Design Thinking workshop for Faculty and Students

Conducted 2 days of Design Thinking workshop for Faculty and Students. Contact me for 2 – 3 days of full-day workshop on “Design Thinking”.

Piyush Singh_Design Thinking WorkShop 3

The Syllabus ;
Day 1

  1. What is Design Thinking, few real-life examples, video of few faulty product designs
  2. Why Design Thinking
  3. Why confusion is a good thing for innovation
  4. Phases of Design Thinking
    1. Inspiration
    2. Ideation, and
    3. Implementation
  5. Preparing the mind for innovation, storytelling tool, empathize
  6. Define Goals and problem statement, Need finding
  7. Idea generation tool
    1. Asking the right question, How Might We…..
    2. Barriers to ideation
  8. Data to insight
    1. Customer Journey
    2. Focus Group discussions
    3. Interviews, Surveys
    4. Shadowing
    5. Ethnographic research
  9. Define the segment, Persona mapping
    1. What does user Think, Feel, Say and Do
Piyush Singh_Design Thinking WorkShop 1

Day 2

  1. Mind Mapping tool
    1. Affinity Diagram
  2. Experimentation and Heuristics
  3. Strategic opportunities, Innovation
  4. Comparing opportunities
  5. User-centric design
  6. Minimum viable product, factors to consider
  7. Prototyping (Low, Medium and High Fidelity)
  8. User Acceptance Test (UAT)
  9. Launch the product or Application
  10. Question and Answers, Experience Sharing

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