QR code for India, opening new avenues.

Quick Response (#QR) Code is still an under utilised tool in India. It has immense potential to transform shopping, payments, collection, as ID card, #Language and #Education barrier, in #FinTech execution and at almost all places, limited to our creativity.

I am designing a product using normal #QR code for #Payment collection and #Profiling in #RuralIndia and am hopeful that if it clicks it will transform a lot of things for the segment which needs #FinTech the most, and will open new doors of #Innovation for this segment.

Happy to design a live product to implement #FinTech4Inclusion.

How are you using QR code in your business? What are other use cases across globe?

Can I use it on TV to make a purchase than calling a customer care number? I wrote an idea few months back and was well received. Please check here..

#FinTech4Inclusion, #FinTech4BoP,

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