Its good if COD is stopped for e-commerce companies.

Why everyone is discussing and prophesying about the end of #eCommerce because Cash On Delivery (CoD) is legal / not legal under #Payments and Settlement System Act 2007 ?
I think otherwise…

I think people who do/have been doing online purchase will continue to do so. And with increase in number of #bank accounts and multiple tools available to pay like through payment gateway or instantly through UPI, Card, it will not be tough.

In fact #ecommerce companies should be happy as #CashManagement cost, instances of delivery boy being robbed/killed will go down. It will be much better for the companies and merchants as money #realisation time will be reduced.

Customers who have been using COD will gradually convert to #Digital mode to pay if they want door step convenience and wide variety to choose from.

But yes now Ecommerce/payment companies will reduce/stop the discount/#Cashbacks on Digital/advance payment.

If COD stops, it will be good in longer run for everyone, in short time will hit for sure.

What are your thoughts on this??

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