Visiting Card as Payment Instrument..

#VisitingCard as #Payment Instrument..

Every Visiting card has a potential to become a #payment and #acceptance instrument. How?

Piyush Singh_FinTech

Get the #BHIM QR code printed on your visiting card, it can work to push or pull the payment when the deal is done.
It can be a great use case for small businesses.

For e.g I have just explained my offerings to a company and have left after the meeting, the other person realises my offering was great and decides to pay a token amount. He can just scan the #Bharat QR from my visiting card and pay along with his remarks. S/he can share the payment confirmation on #WhatsApp or Email. I receive the token amount, and confirm the order.

If we can write office address, email address on Visiting card, then why not a #PaymentAddress. Like QR code or UPI ID/VPA.

Payment is all about creating new #UseCases.

Your Thoughts?

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