Emotions in Product design, a case of Financial products.

While we all are struggling to make #Payments, financial transactions and account opening easier through #FinTech, there is a customer segment which still believes #Higher level of inconvenience in operating a system is “Directly Proportional” to a high level of security.
They think if it is easy to operate for me then it can be easily operated by anyone else too. This segment has people from different educational and financial status.

While considering this to be true for few, I would also be interested to know the “#Transactions” happening in bank accounts opened through #Aadhar OTP, like #811, #ASAP accounts etc. Do we see transactions there or just number of accounts have increased?

Have we ensured enough mental level assurance in the #ProductDesign for customers to make them feel secured?

Most of the times “#Easiest is not the #Best”. While technology can facilitate but emotions need to be captured as well.

#Emotions in #ProductDesign

Please share your thoughts..

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