A digital dilemma for rural customers.

At times few questions comes to my mind for #Digitalisation and “#FinTech for #Inclusion” for people living in rural areas or lower tier places where transaction infrastructure is yet not well developed.

p. s – To bring change in customer behaviour and design product a practitioner must understand and reflect both side of the stories and experience it. I have seen both sides hence….

1. Is #Cash Vs. #Digital a negotiation point in rural locations? If you lend money in cash they will take it from you, and if in Digital will find alternative. Because withdrawing cash has a cost in these locations and consumption happens only in cash

2. Even if they get money in #Digital form, they withdraw entire amount and spend in cash for business or personal use

3. Is #CostOfBanking (travel, opportunity cost, bank staff behaviour etc) more than the benefit they get from their bank

4. Have we developed a favourable environment and infrastructure in rural areas for women and vulnerable section to do banking

I am inviting your thoughts to #argue and share your thoughts on both sides, and we would respond to how going Digital can benefit these customer segments…


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