High Tech aspirer banks, Fix your Basics first..

A Small Naturally Intelligent way through which #Banks and #Telcos can save huge money is, by integrating their customer communication (Call and SMS) with their CRM. 1. I pay my Credit card and Telephone bills etc at least 8-10 days before due date, Still I get messages from my Bank and Telco. “Your outstanding bill is Rs. xxxx, please pay before due date, IGNORE if already paid”. WHY IF??? You have the data, check it before communicating. 2. I get calls from xxx bank for personal loan, “Sir, on the basis of the balance you have maintained with us we would like to offer you a loan / CC with xx lakhs of limit” I ask what is my balance since last 6 months , Sir your account balance is 0. **I have never used that bank account**. And these are our leading #Telcos and #Banks executing high end technologies like #AI, Block chain, #AR, #VR, #MR etc but can’t customise SMS and call content. Simple strings are broken for them.. They are just competing who is more technologically advanced, and copy pasting it. Forget the #Usability and #Functionality for customers. Do you think they must fix the basics FIRST ??

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