Going Digital with physical legacy ??

Why do we need a #Debit card a #physical tool, to apply for, or use #Bharat QR code and #UPI, a Digital product ? There could be many other ways and factors to authenticate ownership than Debit card number, CVV etc. This itself is the biggest bottleneck that people in #rural areas will not be able to use BQR or UPI. Because either cards are not issued to them or if issued doesn’t get delivered to them. Statistics published and realty on ground are different. Dependency of a Digital mode of transaction on a Physical mode is conflicting and a self defeating proposition There could be disruption of many business models if the card is removed. But if its Digital then, it has to be Digital. #GoingDigital with #PhysicalLegacy.. #NPCI, #UPI, #BharatQR, #Rupay, #Banks ?




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