Does Digital Transformation means putting Lipstick on the Pig?

What many banks are currently doing on the name of #DigitalInnovation and Transformation is putting “Lipstick on a #Pig” by just changing the user interface of Mobile App and Website.

At the Back-End at branches, culturally one can easily notice the same old legacy and babudom being carried. Hence I say Financial Institutions are swaying between #Babudom and #Blockchain (read new technologies) and customers are confused which is the true face of their FI.

One Big, Small and Significant #Innovation will be to put a #Helpline number/option for Non Customers too. Unfortunately you will find many big banks don’t have it. A person can have queries regarding other services too than sales. Its a Small suggestion but can help both.

** Please start looking at customer as a living #Person with needs, than a potential or captured #Product subscriber ***

What are your thoughts on this??


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