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Contactless Authentication the Next Authentication Model..

#ContactLess Authentication, i.e QR /Bar code, Facial, Iris etc to be the next Secured Authentication factors.

Prerequisites for it to be secure will be #Tokenisation, #Encryption and #RegisteredDevice/Platform services.

Why do I need to enter password on the #browsers, the camera can authenticate me through my face + An OTP at my mobile number. Or a device’s camera can read the QR/Bar code of my ID card and authenticate me through OTP if not accessing on mobile. For mobile it can be Facial, Iris, Biometric etc however the prerequisites needs to be honoured for the security.

Recently #Aadhar had registered device services can we have the same for #Mobile, #Laptop, #Browsers and other devices/platforms capable of performing transactions?

#Authentication needs to be seamless and frictionless without compromising on high end security parameters. Apart from regular/obvious auth factors, we can have many silent authentication parameters too like #location, frequency, #time, transaction pattern, etc

Authentication is the biggest pain and bottleneck for a secured transaction

What are your thoughts on this ?

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