Blockchain Vs. Babudom Indian Banks..

Today Banks and other Financial Services Provider are swaying between #Babudom and #Blockchain and other technology.

Babudom at physical branch level where banks have different manuals to Operate and Technology at call centre and mobile App where they speak different language.

#Babudom covers approx 90% of the customer segment through branches and technology rest 10%. Customers like us who rarely visit physical branch are confused which is the true face of the provider

Fun is to Digitalise physical branches so that dependency on staff reduces and system increases. Whenever I visit any branch be it a Private or Sarkari, I feel pity for customers who are being pushed to different counters for smallest possible thing and can not access their bank through technology

I can open a #bankAccount through #OTP in 5 minutes through mobile app of the same bank which pushed me to atleast 5 counters to open a bank account.

🤔 Every time I visit a bank branch my #Belief and #Motivation to work for #DigitalFinancialServices domain gets stronger and my mind starts working on ideas which can be used to make life Simpler for these customers through seamless technology..😀

How can we help them through #Technology?

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