What if a Loan is denied by the Machine but Approved by the officer? Who overrides & Who Owns?

Next thing in #Lending is not credit worthiness to pay, but to find out #IntentionToPay and #WillingnessToPay through data, behaviour analysis and sentiment mining etc.

Can we through big data, demographic details and other parameters identify the intention to pay for a customer?

Few Questions having #TechnoSocial perspective.
– What if the Machines denies to give Loan but the Officer finds him/her as a good candidate? Who will override whom.
– In the above case if officer decides to offer the loan and the person defaults, who will face the heat?
– What if genuine customers do not get loan because algo doesn’t agree
– Is it the case of whether you trust the technology or you don’t, and if its a mix/hybrid decision then who will own the responsibility?
– Decision making is confusing but should not confuse the Customer.

Technology is to simplify and make process efficient it should not loose its sheen with above confusions.

Anybody who can answer and add more apprehensions, so that #Technocrats can add these as part of product design, exceptions and prepare the counters.


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