FinTech, Industrial Revolution, Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 / 4th Industrial Revolution. Are we ready to thrive or waiting to be extinct ?

#Industry4.0 / “4th Industrial Revolution”. What would it mean for professionals and industry?

#Summary – This will create Jobs that don’t exist today and technology that won’t exist tomorrow.

Line between Physical and Digital will get blurred, it will be tough to take out digital from physical and physical from digital.

As JackMa has said machines of future will drink data. All physical devices and machines will interact with each other through IoT (Internet of Things), IoW (Internet of Web) etc and produce a huge amount of data. The pain as well as gain will be to process and get meaningful insights from them.

All manufacturing hubs will experience this disruption. Machines will take over manual & repetitive works.

For financial service providers, it will mean less physical products and more digital or even physical cards will become digital e. g biometric authentication through a debit card. Host Card Emulation (#HCE) for Smart Phone/Wearables.

Professionals of the future will be different, must be able to understand machine language or at least how it works. Expectations and #InstantGratification is increasing with Same/Next day delivery. #CatchUp or will be lost, can we still work with old tools or technologies. Customers have ample choices and can switch instantly. In India with interoperability and portability game will change and it is going to go much far than just Financial service providers to Utility service providers etc..

What do you think will change?

Are we getting Prepared for 4th #IndustrialRevolution/Industry 4.0″ ?

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