Where is the next market, for FinTech and Financial Service Providers.

Worst #FinTech strategy by Financial Service Providers. Deploying #RoboAdvisory & machine-based interaction for less profitable customers i.e people who do not invest/transact above a level and doesn’t generate enough profit for the organisation, must interact with machines because human beings are too costly to be deployed for the segment.

We must understand that people who are currently not investing/transacting enough need more #HumanIntervention and less technology, while the person who is investing/transacting more would need more technology and lesser human interaction.

#Strategy should be “Earn from, more Profitable customers through lesser human intervention, and invest that amount to #Nurture, #Educate, #Handhold the new segment & #Expand the Pie. If the pie is smaller nobody will earn and ultimately a #PriceWar”. For upper customer segment, there is no product differentiation left except price or fulfilling unwarranted demands.

Next profitable segment will emerge from the currently neglected customers and lower tier. Don’t go wrong in sensing the opportunity, or it will be a huge & irreparable loss. We must use technology in a #Context, that’s the beauty.

Please share your thoughts #WhereIsTheNextMarket

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