Is India moving too fast in Technology for Bharat to catch up?

In our effort to promote Digital Financial Services have we created Digital & Knowledge #Exclusion? Is the country getting divided (in terms of Literacy and Awareness) through new age #Technologies?

At one end, we the technocrats talk about AI, ML, IoT, #Blockchain, UPI, India Stack, Crypto etc, and on the other side even educated people who have not heard of these technologies are getting confused with plethora of choices.

Is #India moving too fast in Technology for #Bharat to catch up?

The biggest problem is technocrats applying India technology in #Bharat without much considering their need.
“A tailor cannot #Stitch clothes & then take measurements, its always vice versa”. Then why a solution designer (tailor) is doing so?

By the virtue of my diverse work exposure I have seen both sides of India & Bharat, and being at the #Cusp I wonder who is Fast and who is lagging and Why? What should be the solution? How to bridge this gap?

Please help me to find answers..

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