Design Thinking, Design Thinking Process, FinTech

Design Thinking and Reasons for Me-Too products. Is Me-Too a long run game?

#DesignThinkingProcess and its Principles can help #FinTech and other companies to innovate and satisfy the #Stated and #Unstated needs of their customers, rather than just launching #MeToo products. Lots of me-too products in the market, is leading the industry through consolidation, because there is no differentiator in the product except price, resulting in Price game, and a situation of who dies first. Such Me-Too products will start yielding lesser Marginal Utility after sometime. Design thinking can help ; – #Corporates to See & Design beyond the obvious, – #Entrepreneurs to innovate and discover new differentiating points, and – #MBA College students to prepare themselves for corporate #Jobs or #Entrepreneurship, and be ready with the #DesignThinking mindset by the time they graduate. – #Government entities to design citizen centric schemes which citizens want. Let us focus on Innovation by following this process and do innovative product design. Our strength has been Innovation and not Copying and Pasting, this is not our “Style or Legacy”. #IFollowDesignThinking, #TrainedOnDesignThinking, #ICanTrainOthers

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