Do we have #NaturallyIntelligent Banking and FSP systems in place, before talking about #ArtificialIntelligence?

Forget about #MachineLearning and #ArtificialIntelligence in Banking and Financial Services, first lets get #NaturalIntelligence and Logical systems in place.

If we observe different redundant Steps, Processes and #Bureaucracy in Banks & Financial Service Providers’ (FSP) smallest daily operations, we would realise our current system doesn’t have much #Natural Intelligence to become #Artificially Intelligent.

I have examples and face issues when I interact with Bank or any FSP through their Physical or Digital channel. It seems these operate through two separate systems which doesn’t like each other a lot.
1. Digital, (everybody claim to be the first with new technology)
2. Physical (Almost every employee has their own regulations, which is in addition to their own and by the central bank)

What seems easy through Digital channels and few clicks are herculean tasks in a branch.

Can we remove redundant steps and illogical processes to integrate systems through common sense? For e. g Why to fill years of birth in an online form when I have filled in my Date of Birth?

Share, what #Illogical issues do you face/have faced with #Bank and #Financial Service Providers?
Provide solutions/alternate if you can.

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