Cost of continuous change in Technology and Regulations, is it Good or Bad for the Industry?

Due to continuous change in #Technology and #Regulations the Price of Product is going down, while Cost of production remains the same or increase due to salary and other increase.
Its a #Global phenomenon across Industries.

No one is sure about the #ShelfLife of a technology and product, few direct impacts are, (please add to the list);

1. Companies, not able to design a long term product
2. Cost has increased, Prices/Margins are decreasing
3. Due to reduction in price and change in regulations more number of companies are working to create a #Platform product than a standalone product. We will see more platform products in future
4. Consolidation in the industry because many are not able to catch up with the changing rules an technology
5. Pricing a product is tough because every regulation will increase #CostofCompliance and hence communicating a price point to customer is tough
6. Cost of Innovation has gone up so more #MeToo products in the market
7. Increase in number of #Middlemen who claim to have connect with and understanding of technology and service providers

Here I am only debating the impact and not the need to change in regulations..

Please share your thoughts, and ADD to the list..

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