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Google Tez with UPI Vs Whats App with UPI. Whats App can be a winner and survivor.

#GoogleTez UPI Vs. #WhatsApp UPI.

Tez will not go a long way unless it adds a context to its payment services than offering a standalone service. It must not rely on Cash Backs, which seems to be the easiest and short lived mantra to enter Indian Market..

For Whats App, which is part of many daily lives it makes perfect sense to add payment as a service extension, this will help them to seamlessly provide Person to Person and Person to Merchant payments through UPI and QR. It already has a hook for its users through existing Chat services and recently added Whats App Business.

As I have been saying #Payments alone can not go a long way because #Payment is a #Commodity service (everybody has the same offering), and companies must offer Payment PLUS service to survive for longer.

Whats App can help many small businesses which currently sell their products and services through whats app/offline merchants to, “Receive and Pay” directly to and from bank. No Payment Gateway, No Wallets. “We – Chat like experience” .. 😀

#PaymentIsACommodity Service, and now deciding factor is MDR/TDR or a great User Interface only..

Your Thoughts Please..

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