Digitalisation & Cashless economy has to fight with Status Quo and Mentality than with System and Policies

More than fighting for #Infrastructure or #Policies, #FinTech & #TechFin companies have to fight with the resistance of people and system (In & Out) towards #Digitalisation and Status Quo.

We have been using cash & paper for long and are now comfortable using it, may be because of benefits attached, or resistance to new ideas.

Today any company who wants to go Digital in their operations have to fight with their system’s mentality and status quo.
You can change Systems overnight, but not the Behaviour, Past Experience, Knowledge and Attitude.

So, when we say #Digitalisation will take a while we mean people will take time to accept it and not the technical systems to get implemented.

I have been insisting that, just digitising one part/process is not enough, it has to be Digital Transformation and in this area #HumanBehaviour plays the #MostImportant role. Involve everybody from your organisation to go digital and not only the Top Level employees. Otherwise the system and people will always be in the denial mode with artificial issues being created to prove their status quo.

Adding cashless & paperless processes within your organisation, across departments is the #Key.

How would you deal / are dealing with Status Quo and Resistance ? Please share your thoughts…

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