A Compilation of My top 58 Linkedin Posts, Ideas and Innovation (2017 – Till Date) on Past, Present and Future of; FinTech, Payments, and Digitalisation.

A Compilation of My top 58 Linkedin Posts, Ideas and Innovation (2017 – Till Date) on #Past, #Present and #Future of ; #FinTech, #Payments, and #Digitalisation. With Hyperlinks & One Line Heading.

  1. Wi-Fi through POS Terminals idea.

  1. Indian Railways and Digital Fine Collection Concept

  1. Delhi Transport Busse and Tap and Pay Concept

  1. Comics for Children on Digital Economy and Cashless payments

  1. If I can Pay by Aadhar, I must be able to Vote by Aadhar too. Extrapolation ?

  1. Facebook as P2P lending platform

  1. Bharat QR Code and Payment Infrastructure

  1. PI@POS can I get UPI@ATM too, for Cardless withdrawal

  1. Cashback and Discounting as part of Product Design ?

  1. Payment Companies must start offering Payment + services to survive longer

  1. Digitising “offline” P2P Lending concept

  1. Bharat QR and UPI application in Restaurant sector. Innovative concept

  1. PPI and Wallets focussing on B2B and B2B2C from B2C to survive a bit longer

  1. E-KYC for Hotel Industry. Saves, Cost, Time and Authenticates real time.

  1. Government must pass a mandate to have a digital payment acceptance system

  1. Can AePS, Aadhar Pay replace Debit cards in Rural India ?

  1. Insuretech and Fintech must meet for innovation

  1. UPI 2.0 and EMI by offline store shop concept

  1. Google, Amazon, Facebook and Apple (GAFA) to offer Banking Service. Bad comparison

  1. New Payment tools by NPCI and Reducing Margins for PSPs

  1. Reducing Margins, Cost of Compliance, Pressure to innovate issues for FinTech

  1. FinTech “Go To BoP” strategy

  1. Strategy for Payments and Transaction based Start Ups

  1. Leverage on Bank ATM infrastructure for more services

  1. Payment Bank Strategy – How to move ahead

  1. Big Challenges for Small Finance Bank. And Strategies to move ahead

  1. Individual Lending in Rural areas and Lack of Credit Score

  1. Why FinTech will stay for long and is not a bubble

  1. A Layman’s guide to AePS (Aadhar enabled Payment System)

  1. Real product value is a State of Mind than a real thing

  1. Payment is the lowest hanging fruit, but its getting over. Move up to Lending, Investment etc

  1. Financial Inclusion Myth Buster – Anything digital is not Financial Inclusion

  1. Why penetrating in Rural areas is a better Strategy than Skimming Urban Market

  1. Full fledged bank strategy are they becoming Warehouse of banking services

  1. Lending through Smart Phone, why mobile phone manufacturer must invest in microlending platforms

  1. Growing EMI culture in India, Is it hurting the Indian Saving Mentality?

  1. Why does Small Value Transactions (SVTs) still happening in cash across world?

  1. Assistance to Manipulation – Is Robotics, AI etc scary can manipulate your decisions

  1. Why FinTech emerged and Banks failed. Why banks are competing now. Are they too big to Fail?

  1. Microfinance Institution (MFI) & Digitalisation and How they can use, E-KYC, UPI, Wallet, Bharat QR code etc

  1. HealthTech and FinTech must meet now to drive innovation. What is the Concept

  1. Competition and Cost Pressure on Banks. Tie-Up of Go Solo. A Strategic Dilemma

  1. Why would a person use digital, if you have not explained WIIFM.

  1. Are doing Financial Literacy or Selling our products and Achieving targets through this concept

  1. Increase in Digital economy and Reducing bank interest rate. Can it go negative too?

  1. Is Cost of Innovation too High, that companies are launching “Me Too” product ?

  1. Can I Make direct payment through Television? A Great idea. How?

  1. Are companies making sense of and using data, big data or just hoarding it with no objective?

  1. My 34 Fintech prediction for 2018 – Piyush Singh

  1. A Mobile wallet is much more than just Payments – UPI + BBPS + Bharat QR + ..

  1. Alternative Lending – Are we Overwriting the Underwriting? Why banks can’t service them?

  1. #AutoDebit / #StandingInstruction /#Subscription feature as Service at POS/Retail Point(e. g BC point) through Assisted Mode

  1. Human beings are Rational is a Flawed assumption. So got field and meet consumers than Design product with Data analysis. A bad concept.

  1. Proxies to assess credit score of offline transacting customer? For low income people target segment

  1. Why can’t my bank share my banking data with my permission, but use it to crossell their products without my permission. Are we up for Open banking. PSD 2, Directives of Europe

  1. Catch and Engage the Next Generation Strategy. How ??

  1. Why Digital Transformation is Required than Just Digitisation of a Process. You can not Sell, what you do not understand. Sell your products to yourself first.

  1. GSTN APIs for SME Cash flow based lending. A help for work capital loan. Open Up.

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