New age banking and Next Generation Catch..

#Catch & #Engage the Next Generation with your Financial Services. How???

Banks and Financial Institutions must realise that the #NextGeneration doesn’t need, #FinancialServices as “Service” but as “Experience”.

If you can not move away from the silos of Financial Services as Service and Place where people must go to fulfill their needs. #LetMeTellYou. You are not catching up with the trend and Unstated needs, and is choosing a path which will take you further away from the next generation.

Its the new age banking, where FinTech with #Gamification has become a design element which you can not ignore at your convenience. Hence many banks are claiming to be Digital Only banks, further to this #NITIAayog Chief Executive Officer Amitabh Kant has gone to the extent saying physical banks in India will be irrelevant in the next three years. Does that ring a bell?!

What are your thoughts on this.

#NextGeneration Banking, #DigitalOnlyBank, #Fintech + #Gamification..

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