Alternate Credit Scoring for Rural population. 

What could be the Proxies to assess #CreditScore / Worthiness of offline transacting customers? Or How can we gaze this for Rural / Urban Population who do not have #Credit history? 

– Few Companies use Mobile pre paid balance recharge pattern
– MFI loan data, disbursement and repayment pattern
– Sell Financial services at cheap price and in turn get data to track (Ohh.. That happens with Urban people and Us too. Remember data is the new Oil)
– May be ask for mobile number at every point of purchase,  and a company provides interoperability and aggregates it
– A point system on every purchase basis their mobile number. Provide the data capture service for free to shopkeepers

Issues,  the group in discussion uses single or at most two mobile numbers per households for most of the members. So, gazing who is credit worthy is tough,  but can hint a lot..

Please add more and share Your Thoughts…. 

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