Sin in Consumer Behaviour study. Selling to Human Being but talking to Excel sheets. What’s wrong? 

#Human Beings are always Rational is a Flawed Assumption”. So #GoToField & meet #RealPeople than only making sense of graphs & system data. Consumer Behaviour Study has not died yet, due to Automation, AI & #BigData. Companies trying to go Digital is/Will fall for the trap, they are Running after #Digitalisation and #Automation of their day to day operation without thinking/Considering about #ConsumerBehaviour & their comfort with new process and system.

Reason is to bring efficiency and reduce cost, but their customers do not understand the new system as they were never consulted or explained. Every segment, has different Static & Evolving needs.
Currently A company identifies an #Issue and design the system as per their #Technical understanding and Technical staff. Such approach can be a company’s great Friend but will be alien to the #Consumer who uses it.

One sided thought Process, Copy Paste Approach and not understanding customer behaviour through face to face meetings will never yield results. Technology has limitations in terms of decoding human expressions, aspirations etc

What are your thoughts on it, are we relying more on numbers to segment customers than meeting them.
Are we Missing something in Consumer Behaviour and taking #WrongDecisions?

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