big data,

Big Data: are we making sense/use of it, or just using it as a Jargon?

Are companies really making sense of #BigData and using it for any real life purpose? or is it just a #Jargon for Conferences, Meetings, Lectures and Courses around it. If not, then why many platforms (including Linkedin) which promote such Big Words have misdirected communication? 

I do not remember but someone highlighted it on linkedin few days back, that a Senior Management Professional was getting internship Opportunities.
Agreed we need data to #DesignProducts and Communication, but are we using it/have started to use it for any such purpose or making sense of it? Or just because A is doing hence B, C and D are also doing it? 
We all know #DataIsTheNewOil but Companies must start using it, else Oil will fill up the databases and everybody will fall down due to Slipperiness or Overflow of it.
I am waiting for the day when my data, which I shared actively or passively will make sense for somebody/some company and they will design a product Targeted and Suited for me. And I believe, “#Competition is the Biggest Teacher of #Efficiency“. Hence that day will come soon

#BigData can be of great help for #FinancialServices and #FinTech industry to understand behaviour and design products.

Your Thoughts Please…

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