FinTech will replace plastic Credit Cards with Number based Credit Lines Only.. 

How #FinTech will replace plastic #CreditCards with number based #CreditLine only. 

Plastic Credit Cards will be replaced soon with Credit Card number only. And you never know Banks will offer you best cards at Less/No price for Initial period to drive adoption if you opt for #CreditCardNumber only system, instead of a Plastic card.
Similar to Loan account.

With #AmazonPay, #PayTm, #ApplePay#SamsungPay and the like with save card feature where you do not need cards for most of the places. You will get #CreditLine against a card number,  Cvv/Some other number than a Plastic #CreditCard. When we can have branchless bank then why not #CardlessPurchases ?

“AND this will be just an additional option for those customer segments (defined)  who use Card Less purchase not for all segments”

Please share your thoughts on this…

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