Product Management

Product Management and Why Cashbacks Won’t Go Long Way and is a Bad Strategy

Thanks Society for Technical Communication India, for giving me the opportunity to share my experience with Product Managers, and Technical Writers in Gurgaon.

What a #Product should be made of. What is the #Story, #Content, #Value etc and how 4/6Ps must be aligned so that it doesn’t need to be pushed by Huge #MarketingBudgets and #Cashbacks.
One may argue that Cashbacks given, are calculated on the basis of CLV (Customer Life Time Value) and Cost of Acquisition etc which has future benefits. But “A Company can Not Buy Customers and Loyalties” by throwing money and offering lesser/no Value to the customer except monetary benefit. We have witnessed many companies doing so.

As Somebody posted on Linkedin, that “Customers’ Acquire Brands and not the Other Way Around” So build a compelling product which people can talk about, Use and refer to, which is built considering the Target Segment Natural Purchase, Consumption behaviour and Process.
A clarity on TG’s behaviour and personna will help a Company to lead their customers through the #AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire and Action) process and help their marketing team as well.

Your Thoughts Please ….

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