To go cashless prime the next generation Now!! 

I Strongly Believe that If we have to increase #Adoption of Cashless Economy and #Digitalisation. Students and Children must be taught about it so that our Next Generation doesn’t have any Inertia towards #DigitalPayments, #CashlessEconomy, and #FinTech adoption. 

This Serves two purpose #1.Teach Students about it and in turn they will teach their relatives to accept the cashless payment modes.   #2. This widens the market for #DigitalPayments and #FinTech sector. 
Whatever purpose it serves, Motive remains the same, “A Drive Towards Cashless Economy” and #DigitalTransformation

I feel Proud to take up the #Challenge and teach Corporates and Students about DigitalPayments and increase the adoption. Today I delivered a session on #DigitalFinancialServices and #FinancialInclusion at XAVIER UNIVERSITY, BHUBANESWAR, Xavier Institute of Management  

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